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Privacy policy


The privacy statement below is intended to provide the user of the website with access to the privacy policy of P.Schmidt Consultancy Services B.V.

Company description.

My company named P.Schmidt Consultancy Services B.V. gives advice about savings that are related to the use of Cloud services. These services are explained on the website P.Schmidt Consultancy Services B.V..

Purpose of data.

The purpose of the website is to provide clarity about my services. It is also possible to chat with the chatbot Jeeves and you can leave a message via the contact form.

Collection of data

The Web site collects data used by Google Analytics as well as Statcounter. This anonymized data is used to gain access to the Website traffic statistics, that tells which pages have been viewed and where the traffic originates from. The reason for using two platforms is to check whether there is alignment between the statistics generated.

The chatbot created with Google Dialogflow collects the anonymized input, which is used for machine learning and for displaying statistics.

Who receives the data?

When leaving a question on the contact form, the data will be saved by the hosting provider TransIP as well as the resulting e-mail correspondence.
P.Schmidt Consultancy Services uses the e-mail address provided solely for the purpose of communicating with the person who completed the contact form. This address remains secret and will never be provided to third parties, as well as e-mail communication, unless the explicit consent of the questioner has been given.

Storage period.

The anonymized data of the Jeeves chat bot will remain stored for a period of 30 days.
The data as a result of asking questions as well as the resulting e-mail correspondence will be kept for as long as necessary.


The Website is protected by a Domain Validation certificate, which is in accordance with the purpose of the Web site.


P.Schmidt Consultancy Services has a transparent privacy policy towards its customers and users of the website.
This means that the rights as appointed in the GPDR, which entered into force on 25 May 2018, will be respected.

See also the website of the authority personal data, where insight is given into the rights.

Authority Personal Data in The Netherlands