Cloud Business Case

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The world of Cloud computing is fascinating because of its inexhaustible capabilities and rapid innovations which make it interesting for companies to give rise to digital transformation.

Prior to embarking on a voyage to the Cloud, it is necessary to set up a Business Case, which not only addresses cost but also takes into account the benefits and challenges that exist in a Cloud computing environment.

The main benefits of the Cloud are:

– Agility, which stimulates innovation.
– Scalability.
– A balance between supply and demand.
– Access to the latest technologies.
– Pay only for usage.( metered service )
– Transparency.
– Abstraction of complexity.
– Global coverage.
– Business Continuity.
– Environment-friendly.

These benefits enable businesses to create solutions and start experimenting with these solutions.
Once a viable solution is created, the roll-out can take place both at a local and global scale.

The Cloud also poses a number of challenges, which have a different impact on each industry.

These are:

– Data privacy. (GDPR)
Unstructured data.
– Compliance.
– Security.
– Auditing of the above.
– Cloud governance.
– Performance.
– Cost control.
– Risk.
– Customer lock-in and exit strategy.

Based on the industry’s stance on the above issues, I will delve more into the specifics of each topic that needs to be addressed.

In addition, the existing application landscape will be analyzed with both IT and business to see where savings can be made, which will also be part of the Business Case.

This will be done by adopting the 6 R philosophy of Gartner.

  • Retain. Let the Application continue in the datacenter.
  • Retire   Do not re locate the application to the cloud and have it decommisioned.
  • Rehost  Lift and Shift  Relocate the application as it is today by just moving the VM to the Cloud.
  • Replatform Lift and Tinker Relocate the application but make it more cloud native by using services offered by the Cloud Provider.
  • Refactor. The process of rebuilding the entire application by using the benefits of the Cloud. Think of microservices.
  • Re purchase. Drop and Shop. Replace the current application by a SAAS solution.

Also we will have a look at the current IT staff and to what extent this needs a transformation by creating a Cloud centre of excellence.

Other roles will be required as the Cloud adoption progresses, which can often be taken on by existing IT staff and where necessary additional staff needs to be hired.

Cost setup of the Cloud Business case

The cost for the business Case depends on the phase in which you currently are. A fixed price for the preparation of the Business Case will be determined on the basis of an intake. Please call me at + 31-6-217 124 72 for more information or kindly fill out the contact form.