AWS Cost optimization

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AWS kosten optimalisatie;AWS Cost optimisationAmazon Web Services has been the market leader in the Public Cloud segment for the past decade and offers a wide range of services that leverage companies agility while introducing the digital transformation framework.

As the AWS Cloud Services are so relatively easy to use without any investment or lead times, there is a looming danger, that an increase of its use could lead to an unexpected bill shock, because of the variable cost involved.

In order to forestall this, AWS has a number of capabilities to govern costs and offers discounts to earn a significant reduction of the monthly bill by 30%. The AWS cost optimization service is aimed at reducing overall cost.

 The whole process of cost optimization can be summarized in 4 steps:

A quick scan of the current situation, including a written report with the first suggestions for a reduction of costs.

A joint plan of approach to structuring costs.

An initial evaluation of the process.

Continuous Spend Optimization as a monthly service.

This periodic service includes:

Preview of the AWS Cloud usage and cost development as a result of internal changes.

The trend of cost versus the budget of the various stakeholders.

Proposals regarding the purchase of the services.

Track and monitor the tagging strategy and use of the discounted services.

Identifying “waste” and over-provisioning

Making targeted suggestions on the existing situation in the context of the ever continuing developments within AWS.

The cost of the service

Rightscale, an enterprise cloud management company, has seen that companies waste, on average, 35 % of their Cloud spend, which makes the Business Case easy for the AWS  Cost optimization service.

Please refer to this link .

  •  The one-time quick scan costs 1,500 Euro, excluding V.A.T.
  •  The monthly subscription 500 Euro, excluding V.A.T.

Depending on the changes within the organization, which is the measure of building the discount policy, the frequency of the subscription form can be changed in consultation at longer intervals than one month.

Interested? Please call for an appointment at + 31 6 217 124 72 or send me an email via the reply form and I will thoroughly explain my cost optimization services.