Do we realize the potential of Cloud?

Most of my blogs are inspired by answers or situations and this blog is about the question, whether we realize ourselves the potential of the Cloud. I recently offered the Software as a Service (SAAS) E-Sourcing solution of Marketdojo to alleviate the administrative burden of having to manage 5 suppliers by exchanging e-mail messages. The […]

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The role of the IT buyer in the Cloud.

Now that the various public cloud providers are becoming commonplace, there will also be a need to purchase the resources within the Cloud as optimally as possible, and since the Cloud is an OpEx related service, monthly costs will increase as more services are purchased. This will also impact the role of the IT . […]

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Three compelling reasons to use a Japanese Auction.

In procurement, eAuctions can be regarded as a fair way to buy goods or services as all the suppliers have an equal opportunity of being awarded the business. The model that is commonly used is the reverse auction that gives suppliers during the auction information on their position relative to their contenders. This practice creates […]

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E-Auction is not only about the lowest bid.

A well executed E-Auction , that is not only about the lowest bid, can be of great added value in the total procurement process, which is further explained in this blog. Often for indirect goods such as fuel, office supplies, an E-Auction is aimed at obtaining the best price under the prevailing market conditions. There are […]

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